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When Rachael came to perform the security audit and physical plant assessment at our facility, we suspected we had some problems. But since we are a 501 C-3 organization, we feared what upgrades might cost. When Van Horn Security Consulting came in, Rachael applied what she knew about our financials and created a plan that improved the security of our building as well as the patrons who enjoy the theater. And she did this without costing us an arm and a leg.

The solutions she suggested were right on, affordable and effective, while also allowing the building to retain its flexibility for the many groups and acts we have come perform here. She also provided a list of resources for jobs we knew we couldn't accomplish on our own.  

-Jay Young

Woodward Arts Theatre

I worked with Rachael Van Horn in Iraq and was always very impressed with her sense of what we in the military call "situational awareness", or the sense to observe and evaluate events surrounding oneself. Whether traveling out of the secure zones or just moving about the Forward Operating Bases, she would immediately spot abnormalities to the daily routine and either investigate herself or pass information on to the military units charged with security to look into. In one case that I remember distinctly she found evidence of a failed rocket attack that military units hadn't been aware of and alerted us to a danger from unexploded ordnance. I often pointed her out to my Soldiers as an example of how vigilance can prevent casualties.


Philip Peters

1st Sergeant, U.S. Army (Retired)

I can think of a number of instances that could have led to a disaster from a PR standpoint if we had not has the benefit of Rachael's expertise. The depth of her experience and background, combined with her professionalism and intellect give her a unique skill set unmatched in our part of the world.


-Woodward Schools Superintendent Kyle Reynolds 

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