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Helping you create a more secure reality for employees and family amidst a growing storm.
Security Assessments and audits

Book a free initial meeting with us to discuss your security goals. From there, together, we will plan an expedient assessment program for your business and help you address ideas for current security gaps and create an easy to follow security awareness program for your employees. We will also go over a map of your plant and explain initial areas of risk as well as a plan to provide workable solutions that keep your business functioning, but also mitigate unnecessary risk.  If your company needs additional equipment or technology, we can discuss this as well.

Full security assessment package

 We understand that some businesses, such as retail shops and entertainment facilities are most at risk because of the nature of their service. And yet, even in those open circumstances, a prepared staff and a building that is reasonably secure is still the best way to ensure survival in the worst security threats. We will provide an informal, onsite audit of your employees in a relaxed atmosphere and provide you with that data. We will also provide you with an onsite security assessment of your physical plant.  If requested, we will then work with you to create a program that provides your employees with actual training and drills at your facility so that they not only have the information about how to react, they will have practiced it. 

Ask about our preparedness package - a price based on the number of employees being trained.

1. Family Home Preparedness - $250

2. Business less than 5 employees - $500

3. Business 5 to 10 employees - $1,000

3. Businesses from 10 to 20  - $1,500


All packages include physical plant security assessment, employee security audit and recommendations for a security program, as well as training and active shooter or security threat drills for all employees.

Home and business Audits 

If there is a place where we want to feel safe, it is our own home. While it is easy to automatically assume one is safe at home. it is often not the case and the reason that more than 80 percent of home invasions happen during the day, when we are most at ease. Being home should be a freeing and rewarding, restful experience. The best way to make it that way is to know, in the forefront of your mind, that you have been trained and your family has been trained in how to respond to possible threats that could pop up. Businesses are not much different than homes. People arrive at their jobs in the United States, NOT expecting to deal with terrorism. Our security audit provides you with the information only about how well your family members or employees are prepared. 

1. Security Audit only for home - $100

2. Security Audit only for all businesses from 2 to 20 employees - $300

3. Security audit only for businesses with 20 to 50 employees - $500

4. Security audit only businesses, 50 to 200 employees (groups sessions) - $1,200 

5. Over 200 employees, cost determined by appointment. 

Secure living workshops

At Van Horn Security Consulting one of our stated goals is to  help provide everyone we come into contact with, a better idea of what it means to live a more secure, confident life. But we especially want to extend this service to our most vulnerable in society, women and children. Based on availability, we offer a full secure living workshop free of charge to charitable organizations, especially organizations that provide services to at risk women and children.


This service includes a full one day workshop that includes workbooks and supplies and offers lifestyle drills that will remain a tool in their safety tool boxes for use the rest of their lives. The program is active, fun and offers women a chance to know themselves in a way they never have before. 

Public Relations Assistance

Today, the press is more engaged than ever before, especially where active shooters or other kinds of security threat incidents take place.


Most medium to small businesses and even some governmental agencies in smaller cities and towns do not have the expertise to understand the complexities of how to address the press, especially in these situations. And not addressing them at all can sometimes come at a cost. Rachael Van Horn has 22 years of experience working in the media and public relations. She has covered numerous high profile incidents, including the Alfred P. Murrah Building bombing and the attack on the Twin Towers. She has also covered many natural disasters and has a special certification from the Poynter Institute on the handling of incidents where there are multiple victims. Rachael Van Horn will, in person if requested, be by your side throughout any kind of incident that draws the attention of media outlets. We provide short-term contracts that will allow us to provide your company a spokesman who will work with you to find the message you want out there. We will help you to craft the message, to organize a press conference and to be the spokesman if requested. We will also coach your own company spokesman if requested. Rachael knows, intricately, the legalities involved when approached by the medai and she knows how to help your company be responsive yet also mindful about what information is released. Pricing is based on a $50 per hour basis, which includes travel up to 200 miles. Over 200 miles will be priced per mile based on the current governmental rate of reimbursement. 

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