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Are you prepared to handle real-life threat situations? Here are some scenarios to consider:


  • You are a greeter at a local college. Do you know how to respond and give others time to respond in an active shooter scenario?

  • You are a sales associate in an apparel shop. Do you know how to respond if an active shooter is reported to be in the mall?

  • You are in a crowd at a parade with your family and you hear gunshots. Do you know how to protect your children and give your family the best chance at survival?

  • You are the pastor of a church. How do you protect your flock?

  • If you ask your employees today, "If we have an active shooter enter this building, do you know the best way to survive?" What would they tell you?


Your employees and family face risks every day. Equip them with our "training from the inside out" method of security and you will be equipping them for life. 


Services we provide

  • Home and business physical plant security assessments.

  • Security audits for employee and family members.

  • Active shooter response training for all environments.

  • Expert guidance from a public information professional on how to address the media in the event you have any kind of incident. 

  • Secure Lifestyle Workshops - designed with women in mind (but men are welcome!)



  • We provide a price point for every size business and home. 

  • We can tailor a security assessment and training package to your specifications. You are in the driver's seat.

  • On-site training and vulnerability assessments that fit your budget.

  • We provide recommendations for churches on a reduced price plan. 


"I took the Secure Lifestyle Workshop and it was incredible! I highly recommend this workshop!"


--Tracy Miller


"When I attended Rachael's Secure Lifestyle Workshop, I was assuming it would be your run-of-the-mill self defense class. But this was a whole different type of course that taught me how to listen to my gut and make small changes in how I managed certain circumstances to keep me safe."

--Rowynn Ricks


"We couldn't have asked for a more thorough and professional assessment of our theater's security vulnerabilities. Rachael also provided us with a prepared security SOP for our organization." 


--Laurie Steenbergen

Woodward Arts Theatre

We assist companies and individuals in the development of effective security practices and policies.

Protect against threats and increase your peace of mind. 

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